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Isotope eCommerce 2.4.5 released

Besides the announcement of the bugfix release, we want to give you an overview about the new features that will be shipped with Isotope eCommerce 2.5.

  • There will be three new payment methods, PayPal Plus, mPAY24 as well as Concardis available for you to choose from in the back end.
  • If you are a DHL business customer, you can configure Isotope so that it will automatically transfer all the needed data to the delivery management system of DHL.
  • The shipping and payment methods can be displayed even if they are free of charge.

There's no release date for version 2.5 as of today.

More information to this release


Our baby of the family is communicator, diplomat and coder in personal union. If he's not working on the next version of Isotope, he provides customers of terminal42 with tailor-made Contao modules.

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