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Register on GitHub

Are you sure you found a bug and would like to report it to us? You checked the[nbsp]Community forums[nbsp]first and made sure there is no application error you caused?

That's where you need to head to GitHub and don't worry, it hasn't caused anybody to vanish yet.

Registration on GitHub requires only three steps.

Wasn't that bad, was it?

File an issue

Let's get to filing an issue.

Enter isotope/core in the search bar of your dashboard to get to the Isotope source.

GitHub Dashboard

Click on Issues and skim over the already opened issues to see if there's already been somebody else that reported the issue.

Issues auf GitHub

To file a new issue, click on New Issue.

New Issue auf GitHub

Enter the title (including the used version) and describe the error as detailed as possible. We understand German and English.[nbsp]Your description must include a step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the error on a[nbsp]clean Isotope eCommerce setup. If it's not reproducible, it's no bug.

File a GitHub issue