Testing Isotope eCommerce on your own server

Our demo installation is the best tool to show you the configuration and features of Isotope eCommerce. The setup is based on the official Contao Demo and works in conjunction with a fresh installation of Contao 4.13 and using the Contao Manager.

Setting up the installation

To install the Isotope Demo, you need to have a fresh installation of Contao 4.0 at hand. Installing Contao 4.13 can be done according to the manual (currently in german only) using the Contao Manager.

Install Contao 4.13

Installing the demo files

The Isotope Demo for Contao 4.13 needs to be installed through the Contao Manager. Our ZIP package contains all necessary files as well as the dependencies, so all required packages are installed automatically.

Get the demo-master.zip on Github and upload this file in the Contao Manager via "Upload packages" or via Drag&Drop. Make sure to confirm uploads and «Apply Changes» to run the installation.

Upload package, confirm uploads and apply changes

Configuring the database

To finalize the installation, the demo data needs to be imported into your database. Because Isotope eCommerce adds some news datbase fields, it's important to follow the steps in the manual! Data import and updating the database structure is accomplished in the Contao install tool.

Step 1: Update the database to create the initial table structure for Isotope eCommerce.

Update the database in the install tool

Step 2: Import the template isotope-demo/isotope-demo-attribute.sql to configure the additional database fields.

Template «isotope-demo/isotope-demo-attribute.sql» import

Step 3: Now you have to rebuild the Application Cache in the Contao Manager, so Contao will find the new database fields.

Rebuild Application Cache

Step 4: After clearing the cache, Contao will find new database fields that again need to be added in the install tool.

Update the database in the install tool

Step 5: Finally, the full demo data can be added by importing the template isotope-demo/isotope-demo-data.sql. Make sure to also check the Do not truncate the tables checkbox to keep data from the import in step 2.

Template «isotope-demo/isotope-demo-data.sql» import

Et voilà!

Isotope-Demo erfolgreich installiert

You can now check the front end or log in in the back end via http://www.yourdomain.org/contao/login as Kevin Jones.

(username: k.jones and password: kevinjones)

Have fun and happy testing!

If you have any questions, please check out our manual or contact the community forums.