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Isotope Circle Member Badge

The Isotope Circle provides you with access to professional support and better networking amongst Isotope eCommerce users. You are also closer to the Isotope team and you can thus have a say in the future of Isotope.

Moreover, the Isotope Circle makes up a key component for a sustainable future of the project and sets its sights on creating a win-win situation for everybody involved.


As Isotope eCommerce grows, so does the number of users as well as their demands and needs. Regular updates as well as new features and professional support have previously been requested over and over again. With this growth of requests and demands, the workload of the Isotope eCommerce team has grown as well.

The Isotope Circle aims to create a win-win situation for everyone—the users as well as the Isotope eCommerce team—and will strengthen the project as a whole.

Onetime support
(no Circle member)
CHF 0.- / Year
  • Support rate at CHF 142.00/hour
    Minimum billing 1 hour
    Billing in 15-minute intervals

For those that use Isotope rarely or only want to check it out.

Circle member
CHF 420.- / Year
only CHF 35.- / Month
  • Support rate at CHF 100.00/hour1
    Minimum billing 15 minutes
    Billing in 15-minute intervals

  • Isotope Circle Member Badge for websites, documents for customers or printed publications

  • Listing in the corresponding level on the official website of Isotope eCommerce

  • Discounts on certain commercial extensions2

  • Submissions of case studies on isotopeecommerce.org

For those that use Isotope professionally and desire Professional Support.

1The work is free of charge if the problem turns out to originate from an untreated bug in the latest version of Isotope eCommerce.

2There are multiple extensions to Isotope eCommerce out there. Some are - just like Isotope eCommerce itself - available for free. Others on the other hand are commercial and require you to pay for them. We try to negotiate discounts for our Circle members so we can create more value for both, the sellers of the extensions as well as our Circle members.

Discounts for Circle members:

  • 30% on all Isotope extensions offered by veello Shop!
    • Includes e.g. extensions for stock management, product comparison and more.

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