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Without Contao there would be no Isotope eCommerce

Therefore, we depend heavily on Contao's development and the commitment of many different people.

In recent days and weeks we have discovered a few issues and imperfections with Contao 3 models. Among other things, this led to identical products in your shopping cart not being tallied together (Isotope 2.0 beta 1), but instead listed as separate items.

Tristan Lins has addressed this problem and invested a LOT of time in finding a solution. Yesterday we discussed the problems together with Leo Feyer and the "Core Development" workgroup, and today it has been implemented. A nice side effect of this solution is a performance gain, which we gladly accept.

These changes will be incorporated in Contao 3.2. Therefore, Isotope eCommerce 2.0 will only be compatible with the full release of Contao 3.2 (or the latest beta version).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the huge commitment of everyone involved. This massive effort will benefit both the Contao Community and Isotope eCommerce.

If anyone would like to thank Tristan for his contribution, please consider donating to Avisota, his newsletter extension, as he is still looking to secure funding for its development.

About Blair Winans

Blair is the founder of Isotope eCommerce and avid Contao proponent. He's Head of Digital Team at HB Agency and responsible for most of the english text at He is a connoisseur of fine meats and cheeses. Cheese is the point of connection to Switzerland. ;-)

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