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The manual is coming!

The fundraising for the manual has been completed today thanks to a very generous donator!

Rainer-Maria Fritsch, head of Fast-Doc UG and known to some of you as departmental manager at the Contao Association or from his visit of the last Contao Camp, has decided to take over the remaining 50% of the fundraising for the Isotope eCommerce 2 manual!

Hence we have managed to complete the second Isotope fundraising and we would like to thank not only Rainer-Maria but also all the other 24 supporters!


The manual will be published in German the 31st March 2014 on and will be - just like the documentation of Contao itself - managed on GitHub in Markdown language so that any willing people can effect changes and work on the improvement of the documentation later on.

Of course, there will be a translation of the manual into English! However, we did not decide on a release date yet because there are a few things to clarify first. If you should happen to know Isotope eCommerce very well and think you could help us translating the manual, please get in touch (Google Translate combined with very good knowledge in Isotope eCommerce should be sufficient for 95% of the whole documentation)! Isotope eCommerce is a community project and we need as many helping hands as we can get! 

As we already did after the fundraising for version 2.0, we will also meet this deadline and thus try to further reinforce the credibility of Isotope fundraisings. Besides the currently running fundraising regarding the data migration from 1.4 to 2.0 we have other, often requested features such as a simple stock management that are missing in the current Isotope eCommerce core.

For the whole Isotope eCommerce team, all the users and not least for the future of the project itself, those are fantastic news that you are very welcome to share!


Yanick is a communicator, diplomat and coder in one. When he is not working on the latest version of Contao, he provides terminal42 customers with customized Contao packages. He is also responsible for making your coffee break a lot shorter since the switch to Composer 2 in the Contao Manager.

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