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Isotope eCommerce 2.0.1 released

This version fixes issues with PayPal and Sofortueberweisung, the variant generator issues and much more.

Note: There was reported that a few things that require JavaScript did not work. In most of the cases this was due to MooTools that was not included in the front end. Although we rewrote big parts of Isotope eCommerce's JavaScript functionality into Vanilla JS, we found that there are still many components relying on MooTools. Because we are not allowed to introduce any backward compatibility breaks in 2.* it means that you are required to load MooTools in your page layout when using Isotope eCommerce 2.*.

We have already created an issue that is assigned to milestone 3.* to get rid of this dependency.

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About Yanick Witschi

Yanick is a communicator, diplomat and coder in one. When he is not working on the latest version of Contao, he provides terminal42 customers with customized Contao packages. He is also responsible for making your coffee break a lot shorter since the switch to Composer 2 in the Contao Manager.

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  1. Hello, I have found in this last version the option "Product reader jump to page " that used to be in module Product List, does not appear in this new version into that module, how does it work now? It is not necessary to setup Product Reader? Thanks for your help

    • Hello Angelica,

      The list and reader modules should be placed on the same page now (see There are however moments when you don't want to have that. We still work on that "separate blog post". Sorry, sometimes it's very difficult to put down our thoughts on paper :-)

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