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Isotope eCommerce 2.4 RC1 released

Thanks to IKODESIGN we were able to add new features to the new Isotope eCommerce 2.4. Thank you very much!

We announced a lot of new features with[nbsp]Isotope eCommerce 2.4 beta1[nbsp]already such as full PHP7 support, new and improved reporting, standard variant for products, responsive images support and editing products from the shopping cart just to name a few.

In addition to those, the following features have made it into the core:

Re-create an order

Do you know this situation? You would like to place[nbsp]a new order again based on one you have ordered in the past. You don't feel like adding all the products to the cart again individually. We worked on improving this and Isotope 2.4 RC1 now offers this feature! If you select a jump to page in the modules "order history" and "order details", you will get[nbsp]a new link to add exactly this order to the shopping cart again.

Re-create an order

List of favorites for your customers

Just imagine, your customer would like to select some products from your extensive range and then order them comfortably from a list. You can set up this new function as follows: In the "Product List" and "Product Reader" modules, you can now[nbsp]activate an "Add to favorites" button next to the already known ones like "Update" or "Add to cart". Just add a page where you would like to place new new "favorites" front end module and your done!

List of favorites for your customers


You can now display the attribute «shipping_weight» in any Isotope template like this:
[lt]?= $this-[gt]generateAttribute('shipping_weight'); ?[gt]

A new insert tag for the output of the cart weight has been introduced:

In the "checkout" front end module you can now also skip the address step for registered front end members.

Skip steps in the checkout module

Moreover, you can now better control how the rounding for a rule or a coupon should be applied.

rounding for rules

Last but not least

Isotope eCommerce 2.4 is also running with Contao 4.2.

Contao 4.2

This is a release candidate version!

Isotope eCommerce 2.4 RC1 is an RC version! We ask you to thoroughly test it and report any errors on[nbsp]GitHub, but do not use it in production!

If you want us to get even better[nbsp]with Isotope eCommerce, join[nbsp]the Isotope Circle and spread the happy news of Isotope eCommerce 2.4.

We hope you enjoy the new features as much as we do!

The[nbsp]Isotope eCommerce Team

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