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Isotope eCommerce 2.4.0 released

We're happy and proud to announce the first stable release of Isotope eCommerce 2.4!

Isotope eCommerce 2.4 ships with many new features:

Full PHP 7 support, the front end no longer depends on MooTools, new and improved reports, default variants for products, payment and shipping steps can be skipped during checkout, responsive images support, products can be edited from the shopping cart, orders can be re-ordered. In addition, there is a new favorites list module, the Fineuploader has been integrated and we have improved the usability in both, back end and front end.

Detailed information is available in the articles on the release blog posts of Isotope eCommerce 2.4 beta1 and Isotope eCommerce 2.4 RC1.

In addition, the new version was prepared so that it can be installed with the appearance of the Contao Manager (news in German only).

A migration from 2.3.5 to the new version should be very easy since Isotope eCommerce follows the principles of Semantic Versioning. All releases of 2.x are thus backwards compatible. Important note on this statement: template adjustments are not subject to this restriction and may need to be adjusted to benefit from the new features. With the release of version 2.4, version 2.3 will be no longer maintained.

We would once again like to thank all Circle members for their ongoing support and wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care of yourselves!

The Isotope eCommerce Team

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Yanick is a communicator, diplomat and coder in one. When he is not working on the latest version of Contao, he provides terminal42 customers with customized Contao packages. He is also responsible for making your coffee break a lot shorter since the switch to Composer 2 in the Contao Manager.

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