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Isotope eCommerce 2.3.0 released

The first stable version of the 2.3 series has finally landed!

This version fixes a few minor issues that occurred after releasing 2.3 RC2. Most notably we fixed the call of $this->generateAttribute() in templates in conjunction with the Options Manager that was introduced in version 2.2. To this day this call displayed the ID of the option instead of the label which has now been fixed.

Important: As stated in different blog posts already, versions 2.1 and 2.2 will not be supported anymore from now on. To put it plainly, version 2.3 is the current and only version you should be using!

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Our baby of the family is communicator, diplomat and coder in personal union. If he's not working on the next version of Isotope, he provides customers of terminal42 with tailor-made Contao modules.

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