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Isotope eCommerce 2.2 RC1 released

This publication is the expected final release candidate for version 2.2.

Following the release of Isotope eCommerce 2.2 beta1 we will examine the version compatibility and new features.

The following changes have been added in RC1:

The new shipping cost calculator
The new shipping cost calculator
  • A shipping calculator was added, which allows users to specifying the address data and output the shipping costs in the cart.
  • The payment method BillPay by Saferpay was re-added to the Isotope Core.
Price increases and reductions in the "Options Manager"
Price increases and reductions in the "Options Manager"
  • There is a new "Options Manager" for attributes, which gives you flexibility to set pricing premiums and discounts for each selected attribute and set. Therefore, Isotope now currently supports the classic "pizza" building use case.

What's next?

The Roadmap plans for the stable version in early November.

The Migration Tool for data migration from version 1.4 to 2.2 will also follow shortly after that.

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