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Isotope eCommerce 2.1.2 released

As announced at the end of May we focussed mostly on compatibility with Contao 3.3 in this release.

Following this announcement, this release fixes a little more than a handful of issues related to Contao 3.3. Besides this, we also fixed a few issues related to the variant handling.

Please note that there may be other extensions causing inconveniences and thus require an update. The dependencies the Isotope eCommerce team has direct influence on (such as the notification center) have been adjusted already. The regular update rules apply anyway: Create backups and do not work on any productive system!

Because of the last blog entry the question of compatibility with Contao 3.2 arose: Of course this is a regular bugfix release and is thus compatible with Contao 3.2.x. All changes have been applied in a way that they are compatible with both Contao versions. An adjustment of the minimum requirements would only be allowed for a new minor (e.g. 2.3) or major (e.g. 3.0) version of Isotope eCommerce.

Have fun with the new features of Contao 3.3!

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