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Discounts for Circle members on commercially available extensions

As of today, our Isotope eCommerce Circle members benefit from yet another advantage!

We are trying to negotiate discounts on commercially available extensions for our Circle members. The list of vendors currently includes only one but it might grow in the future.

The primary target group of the Isotope eCommerce Circle have always been the agencies that use Isotope eCommerce for multiple projects a year and are interested in its further development and maintenance. With this new benefit for Circle members, we can also ensure, agencies are spending less in total on licenses for extensions that need to be bought for every project.

Visit our Circle page for more information!

Do you also offer commercial extensions to Isotope eCommerce and would like to be on that list? Get in touch!


Our baby of the family is communicator, diplomat and coder in personal union. If he's not working on the next version of Isotope, he provides customers of terminal42 with tailor-made Contao modules.

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