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Contao Camp 2013

Last weekend (November 16 & 17, 2013) there was a Contao Camp held for the first time in Munich. Approximately 100 people were able to participate in over 30 sessions dealing with Contao, Contao extensions, and Isotope.

Photo: © Monique Hahnefeld

left to right: Thomas Weitzel, Pelle Peltzer, Kirsten Roschanski, Bjarke Ammann, Monique Hahnefeld, Yanick Witschi

In addition to the technical content, it was great to see everyone interacting. Since it was the first major Contao event in Southern Germany, there were many new visitors in the sessions.

Even during the planning phases, it became clear that there was a lot of interest in an Isotope session. Accordingly, Yanick demoed the new Isotope version on the first day - but there was not enough time for a full explanation, so he ended up adding another session on the second day.

The positive response to the new version gave everyone a good feeling that we are on the right track with Isotope 2.0.

In addition to the sessions, discussion turned to the LTS - Long-term support of Contao *, SCSS, as well as upcoming plans for future events. The Contao Association * also presented the schedule for the next conference.

Everyone was delighted with the presentation of the new book by Thomas Weitzel Contao for web designers * from Hanser Verlag *. On the second day, 10 participants were lucky enough to win a copy in a raffle.

We have to give yet another THANK YOU to Marie Dietz * for organizing and to Jan Theofel * for moderating the camp! Also not to be forgotten are the sponsors * who made the event great by donating money and supplies.

* Websites are German only

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